Which Tariff Plan Allows MTN Share and Sell? (List of Them All)

MTN understands the need for their customers to share airtime, and they offer various tariff plans that serve this need to their customer. Sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to share or sell your MTN credit to a friend or family member. But which tariff plan allows MTN Share and Sell? In this article, I will provide you with the list of all the MTN tariff plans that support share and sell, as well as the ones that do not.

Which Tariff Plan Allows MTN Share and Sell
Which MTN tariff plan can share airtime?

What is MTN Share and Sell?

Before delving into the specific tariff plans that support MTN Share and Sell, it’s essential to understand what this feature entails. MTN Share (Formerly MTN Share N Sell) is a service that allows MTN subscribers to share their airtime or data bundles with other MTN users. This feature is incredibly convenient, as it enables users to help each other out during emergencies or simply share the perks of their plans with family and friends.

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Which Tariff Plan Allows MTN Share and Sell?

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Are you wondering which MTN tariff plan can share airtime? We’ve compiled a list of them all below:

1. MTN Pulse:

Features: MTN Pulse is designed for the youth and offers exciting benefits like discounted call rates, data bundles, and access to special social media bundles.

Benefits: It’s perfect for those who want to stay connected with friends and enjoy affordable data and call rates. With Share and Sell, you can easily transfer credit to your friends and family.


2. MTN XtraSpecial:

Features: XtraSpecial offers a flat call rate of 13.33k/s to all networks in Nigeria. It also includes international call bundles for selected destinations.

Benefits: With XtraSpecial, you get predictable and affordable call rates. Share and Sell is a convenient feature for transferring credit to friends and family.

3. MTN XtraValue:

Features: XtraValue bundles offer a combination of airtime and data in one package. It comes in various price points to suit different needs.

Benefits: You get more value for your money with XtraValue bundles. Share and Sell ensures you can share your airtime with ease.

4. Talk On:

Features: Talk On offers competitive call rates and is suitable for those who love to talk. It comes with special data bundles.

Benefits: This plan is ideal for heavy talkers who want to stay connected. Share and Sell lets you share credit when required.

5. MTN TruTalk:

Features: TruTalk provides a flat call rate of 12kobo/sec to all networks, making it cost-effective for regular calls.

Benefits: If you prefer straightforward calling plans, TruTalk delivers just that. Share and Sell is a bonus for helping friends and family.

6. MTN mPulse:

Features: mPulse is designed for kids and teenagers, offering discounted data and educational content.

Benefits: Parents can easily transfer airtime to their children’s mPulse lines using Share and Sell, ensuring they stay connected and engaged.

7. MTN Biz Plus and MTN BizClass (Business Plans):

Features: These business plans are tailored for corporate users, offering customized packages and solutions.

Benefits: Share and Sell can be valuable for business communication within the organization, allowing credit transfer when necessary.

Each of these MTN plans listed above offers unique features and benefits, catering to various customer needs. With the Share and Sell feature, you can ensure that you and your loved ones stay connected and have the flexibility to transfer credit whenever required.


MTN Share and Sell is a handy service that allows you to share credit with friends and family when they need it most. Knowing the MTN plans for share and sell is crucial for a seamless experience. We’ve explored some top plans, and now you can make an informed choice. Remember to keep your PIN safe and enjoy the convenience of MTN Share and Sell.


What is the Code to migrate to MTN share and sell?

There is no code to migrate to MTN share and sell. MTN share and sell is not a tariff plan. Rather, it is a service that is attached to specific tariff plans. Here is the list of MTN tariff plans that support share and sell.

Can MTN Beta Talk transfer airtime?

MTN Beta Talk alongside other plans like Corporate and Yafun Yafun cannot transfer airtime.

Which MTN tariff plan does not support share and sell?

The MTN tariff plans that do not support Share and Sell are the Corporate plan, BetaTalk, and Yafun Yafun plan. These plans do not offer the option to transfer airtime credit to other MTN customers using the Share and Sell feature.

Can I transfer credit to other networks using MTN Share and Sell?

No, MTN Share and Sell only allows you to transfer credit to other MTN customers.

Why am I not allowed to use MTN share?

  1. Not on Eligible Tariff Plan: Your current tariff plan may not support MTN Share, so you would need to switch to a compatible plan.
  2. Insufficient Airtime: If your account balance is too low, you may not have enough credit to share with others.
  3. Incorrect PIN: Entering the wrong PIN for MTN Share can restrict your access. Ensure you use the correct PIN.
  4. Exceeded Transfer Limits: MTN sets daily and monthly limits for Share and Sell transactions. If you’ve exceeded these limits, you won’t be able to use the service until the limits reset.
  5. Account Restrictions: There could be specific account issues or restrictions placed on your line by MTN, which might prevent you from using MTN Share.

To resolve this issue, it’s best to contact MTN customer support or visit an MTN service center for assistance.