Sending Message on WhatsApp Without Saving Number (6 Best Ways)

In today’s digital age, messaging apps have become an integral part of our lives. WhatsApp, being one of the most popular messaging platforms, allows users to connect with friends, family, and colleagues easily. However, one common challenge that users often face is the need to save a contact’s number before sending them a message. Sending message on WhatsApp without saving number is very simple as there are methods that allow you to do so, effortlessly. In this article, I will show you these methods and provide you with a step-by-step guide to use each of them.

Sending Message on WhatsApp Without Saving Number

Sending Message on WhatsApp Without Saving Number Using 6 Methods

WhatsApp is a powerful messaging platform that requires users to save a contact’s number before initiating a conversation. However, there are situations where you may not want to clutter your phonebook with unnecessary contacts. Fortunately, there are alternative methods available that allow you to bypass this requirement and send messages in WhatsApp without saving the number. Let’s explore these methods in detail.

Method 1: Messaging the Number to Yourself on WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp message yourself feature

By utilizing message yourself feature, you can send the number you want to chat without saving to yourself, then initiate the chat from there. Follow these steps to achieve this:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Search “me” on the search bar.
  3. Your chat with yourself will pop up
  4. Open the chat, type and send the number you would like to chat without saving to contact
  5. Tap on the number within the chat to reveal options.
  6. Select “Chat with [number]”.
  7. You can now send messages to the desired number without the need to save it in your contacts.

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WhatsApp provides a built-in feature called “Click to Chat,” which enables you to send messages without saving the contact’s number. This method involves generating a URL that contains the recipient’s number and opening it in your web browser or WhatsApp itself. Here’s how you can use this feature:

  1. Open your web browser and enter the following URL:[country code][phone number].
  2. Replace [country code] with the recipient’s country code, and [phone number] with their phone number, excluding any leading zeros or symbols.
    • If the country code is +234 and the number is 08012XXXXXX, the resulting link would be:
    • For country code +44 and number 07890XXXXXX, the WhatsApp click to chat link will be
  3. Press Enter to open the link.
  4. WhatsApp will launch with a chat window containing the recipient’s number.
  5. Compose your message and press Enter to send it.

Remember when forming the link, you don’t include the symbol in the country code, and you don’t include the starting zero in the WhatsApp number.

Method 3: Using a Third-Party App

  1. Install the preferred third-party app from your respective app store.
  2. Open the app and grant the necessary permissions.
  3. Enter the recipient’s number or select it from your contacts.
  4. Compose your message and tap the send button.
  5. The app will redirect you to WhatsApp, and the message will be sent without saving the number.

Method 4: Using WhatsApp QR Code to Start Chat

WhatsApp QR Code is a feature that allows you to quickly start a chat with someone without saving their number. It works by scanning the QR code associated with the person’s WhatsApp account. However, it’s important to note that this method will only work if the person has provided you with their QR code or if you obtained it from a reliable source.

Here’s how you can start a chat using WhatsApp QR Code:

  1. Obtain the QR code of the person you want to chat with. This can be provided to you directly by the person or found in a trusted source.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your device.
  3. Tap on the floating chat icon
    Click the chat icon
  4. Tap the QR code icon beside new contact
    tap the QR code icon
  5. You will be presented with a QR code scanner screen.
  6. Align the QR code of the person you want to chat with within the frame displayed on your screen.
  7. WhatsApp will automatically scan the QR code.
  8. Once the QR code is successfully scanned, you will be redirected to a chat window with the person.
  9. You can now start messaging them without saving their number in your contacts.

It’s essential to remember that this method relies on having access to the WhatsApp QR code of the person you want to chat with. Be cautious and ensure that you are obtaining the QR code from a trusted source or directly from the person themselves.

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Method 5: Sending Messages via WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a useful feature that allows you to access your WhatsApp account on a computer or laptop. By utilizing this feature, you can send messages without saving the contact number on your mobile device. Here’s how you can use WhatsApp Web:

  1. Open a web browser on your computer and visit the WhatsApp Web website (
  2. On your mobile device, open WhatsApp and tap the three-dot menu.
  3. Select “WhatsApp Web” and scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen.
  4. Once the QR code is scanned successfully, your WhatsApp account will be accessible on the computer.
  5. Click on the chat icon and select “New Chat.”
  6. Enter the recipient’s number and start typing your message.
  7. Press Enter to send the message.

Method 6: Using WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is primarily designed for businesses to engage with their customers. However, this API can also be utilized to send messages without saving the number. This method requires technical knowledge and integration with the API. If you have the necessary resources, you can explore this option further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I send WhatsApp message without adding contact

Yes, you can send WhatsApp messages without adding a contact by using various methods mentioned in this article. Methods such as Utilizing WhatsApp Chat Link Feature, QR code, WhatsApp Web, using a Third-Party App, and even messaging yourself the number on WhatsApp allow you to send messages without saving the number permanently. These methods provide you with the flexibility to initiate conversations without cluttering your phonebook.

Is it possible to send messages in WhatsApp without saving the number on iOS devices?

Yes, you can use third-party apps like “DirectChat” or “Click to Chat” available on the App Store to send messages without saving the number. You can equally use other methods discussed in this article.

Are these third-party apps safe to use?

While most third-party apps are safe, it is recommended to read user reviews, check app permissions, and download apps from trusted sources to ensure your privacy and security.

Can I use WhatsApp Web without scanning the QR code every time?

Once you have successfully scanned the QR code on WhatsApp Web, you can remain logged in until you manually log out or clear your browser cookies.

Are these methods available for WhatsApp Business accounts?

Yes, you can use these methods with both regular WhatsApp accounts and WhatsApp Business accounts.

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Sending message on WhatsApp without saving number is indeed possible, thanks to various methods and features available. In this article, these methods have been discussed, which include six different approaches you can use to achieve this. Whether you prefer using third-party apps, leveraging WhatsApp’s built-in features, or accessing WhatsApp on a computer, these methods provide you with the flexibility to connect with others without cluttering your phonebook. Experiment with these methods and choose the one that suits your preferences and requirements.