Is Kuda ATM Card Free? (How to Get Yours in Simple Steps)

Is Kuda ATM Card Free?

You might have been wondering and asking questions like; Is Kuda ATM card free? Your answer is right on this page.

Don’t know about Kuda yet? Below is a little about Kuda Microfinance Bank.

About Kuda

Kuda Bank, formerly Kudi Money, is a digital bank operating in Nigeria since 2017. Kuda was founded by Babs Ogundeyi and Musty Mustapha.

Kuda is known for charging little or nothing for transactions on the platform. But lately they implemented a service fee of 50 naira for deposits of 10,000 naira and above, following the Federal Government’s directive on stamp duty.

Is Kuda Bank legit?

Yes, Kuda Bank is legit and is fully registered by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), deposits insured by NDIC (Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation).

Therefore, your funds are safe in the hands of Kuda Bank.

Is Kuda ATM Card Free?

Yes, Kuda ATM card is free. You can get your Kuda Microfinance Bank ATM debit card delivered to you at any location in Nigeria free of cost.

Yes, you read that right. Not just getting the debit card for free, Kuda charges absolutely nothing for the maintenance of the card.

Unlike conventional banks that have a lot of charges attached to their ATM card services, ranging from cost of issuing the ATM card to the monthly deductions from your account balance for card maintenance.

Read on to see how you can request and get your Kuda ATM bank card delivered to the location of your choice.

What can you use Kuda debit card for?

You can use Kuda debit card for ATM withdrawal, POS transactions and every other payment that you can normally make with your bank cards (Online payments not left out).

Requirements to get Kuda Physical debit card

Before you could request for Kuda physical Debit Card, you must have registered and verified your Kuda account. Again, you must have a minimum of 1000 naira in your Kuda account balance.

Download the app from Play Store and register if you don’t have account yet.

If you have all the requirements listed above, follow these easy and simple steps to request and get your free Kuda card asap.

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How to get Kuda Bank ATM For Free

Follow these steps to request a free Kuda physical debit card;

  1. Open Kuda bank app
  2. Click on the “Cards” tab at the bottom
    how to get Kuda card-click-on-cards
  3. Click on “Request A Card”
    click on request a card
  4. Select “Get A Physical Card”
    click on get a physical card
  5. Enter and confirm the four-digit pin for your new card
    Enter your four-digit card pin
  6. Enter your delivery details. This is the location/address where your card will be delivered
    Enter your delivery details
  7. Confirm your delivery details. Ensure that the address of your delivery and phone number are correct.
    confirm detailskuda card order will be received

That’s all. You now have to wait for your card to be delivered. Kuda included a track card feature on the app, so that you can know the progress of your card delivery process. You can go there occasionally and check your card’s progress.

You will be contacted on the phone line you provided as soon as your card is ready for pickup.

Follow the steps below to activate your card

How to Activate your Kuda Debit Card

  1. open Kuda App
  2. Click on cards
  3. click Activate Card
  4. Type in your card number and click on next
  5. Your card will be successfully activated


Hope your doubts have been cleared on if Kuda physical debit card is free and learned a couple of things like, How to Get Kuda Bank ATM For Free and How to Activate your Kuda Debit Card. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your card and enjoy it for free, courtesy of Bank of The Free, Kuda Microfinance Bank.