How to Update Opera Browser for PC in 2 Steps (Using Latest Offline Installer)

Updating your browser is one of the routines you should include in your schedule, as it helps to keep you secure while roaming the web you will learn how you can always update Opera Browser for PC with Offline Installer. Read on to get the hack.

How to update Opera-Browser with offline installer

Opera Browser is one of the top 5 best browsers used across the world. Opera is available on many operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS, Linux and macOS, and has over 300 million active users collectively on both desktop and mobile devices.

Opera for PCs is integrated with tons of amazing features which will definitely glue you to the browser and never look for alternatives.

Some Unique features of opera browser

  1. Twitter in the sidebar: this helps you to tweet, explore and send direct messages on Twitter with ease.
  2. Integrated Messengers: Opera for pc integrates popular messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram. This means you can chat with family and friends right on opera browser without having to switch apps.
  3. Snapshot tool: For easy capture and sharing of webpages while surfing the net.
  4. Ad blocker: The built-in Ad blocker blocks ads, protects your privacy and speeds up browsing on both mobile and desktop.
  5. Free VPN: The free inbuilt virtual private network helps to protect your privacy while surfing the web.
  6. Sync Data: this feature helps to synchronize opera browser data on any of your devices.
  7. Unit Converter: Opera comes with a built-in converter that’s helps to quickly convert currency, measurement and time zones.
  8. Instagram in side bar: same as twitter, it helps to explore Instagram with ease while on the browser.
    These are just the few important features added to Opera which make the browser stand out from the rest.

Why update Opera with offline installer?

Opera browser for desktop is built to automatically update to the latest version once there is one available. This automatic download of updates can pose some inconveniences.

If you have access to free Wi-Fi or have the capacity to always buy data bundle that serves you, this will not be much of problem. But for some people with slow internet connection, this will definitely be a problem.

Let’s take for instance you have a little data plan and plan to use it for something important on opera browser and it happens that there is an update.

Since the browser does not give the freedom to choose when to download the update, once you open the app and connect to the internet, the update will start automatically. You will be left with little or no data to finish up that you wish to do.

Using this method that I’m about to explain, you can just download Opera browser update completely, then use it to upgrade your browser.

How to Update Opera Browser for PC in 2 Steps

Follow this guide to manually update Opera browser with the latest version:

Step #1: Download Opera offline installer

  1. Open Opera Browser Official Websites
  2. Click on “Downloads” on the menu at the top
    N.B.: don’t use any of the “Download now” or blue buttons. This is because they will take to the download page of the online installer
    Open Opera official website,
  3. On the page that opens, scroll down to “Download all Opera browsers”. You will see a list of download options for all the operating systems that Opera Supports. (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS and Android)
    Open Opera official website,
  4. Carefully choose your Operating system and download the offline installer for PC as shown in the screenshot above
    • For Windows, under “Download the offline package”, click on the version of Windows that matches your pc Operating and the latest version of Opera will start to download. You have 64bit and 32bit.
      Don’t Know your version of Windows? Here is a quick guide to discovering if you are running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.
    • For MacOS, under “Prefer to install Opera later?”, tap “Download the offline package” (The download will automatically start).
    • For Linux, tap “RPM” or “SNAP” under “Prefer another package?” and follow the prompts to download.
      N.B: you can also use the file downloaded to install opera for the first time on the device.

Step #2: Run the offline installer to update Opera

  1. When you have downloaded the offline installer, double tap on the installer
  2. Click on “Accept and Upgrade” (Opera browser will now be updated with latest offline installer app)
    Click on Accept & Upgrade

N.B: the upgrade process might be a bit different depending on your PC operating system. Do not delete the offline installer after updating, because it will help you to keep track of new updates without repeating download of older ones.

You can always use the step above to occasionally check and download updates.

Why should you keep your browser up-to-date?

It is very important you keep not just your browser updated but every other app you use on your device. This is because many fixes can come with every new update.

Here are a few important reasons why you should always keep your browser up-to-date:

  • Ensuring your browser is always updated keeps you and your device safe and secure from all sorts of online threats that you can be subjected to while browsing the web. These threats include viruses, phishing sites, trojans, spyware, adware, etc.
  • Every new update comes with fixes and improvements to give you the best browsing experience.
  • For the best functionality of your browser: some features on a website won’t work properly or might not even work at all on outdated browsers. That’s one of the reasons you should always keep your browser updated

How Frequently does Opera Update?

There is really no fixed duration between Opera updates. From my calculation using the last six updates (Changelog for Opera 90) as of writing this post, there is new update every 7 days approximately. Therefore, you should be expecting an update within this time frame. Sometimes it might vary.

How to Check Opera Update

  1. Open opera browser and click on the opera icon at the top left corner of the browser
    tap Opera icon at the top left corner
  2. Tap “Update & Recovery
    Tap Update & Recovery
  3. On the screen that appears, you will see the current version of your browser
  4. The “Check for update” button will be triggered automatically, but if for some reason it didn’t, click on it manually
  5. If there is an update, it will start downloading automatically and will install afterwards.
    Opera browser for PC update screen

Wrapping up

When you follow this guide correctly, you will be able to always update Opera Browser for PC with the latest offline Installer.

Don’t forget to always keep your browsers and app updated to avoid the threats that come with outdated applications.

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