How to Retrieve Remita Receipt Without RRR (3 Easy Methods)

You landed on this page probably because you lost your Remita payment receipt/invoice or you are not with the receipt/invoice when the need arises. In this post, you will learn how to retrieve Remita receipt without RRR number in very simple methods.

How to retrieve Remita receipt without RRR

Remita is a payment solution that enables people and businesses to make and receive payments, pay bills and manage their finances across multiple banks on a single platform.

One of the various ways Remita has made payment very easy is by generating RRR number which can subsequently be used to make payment either with ATM card, bank mobile app or at bank branch.

Remita has undoubtedly been one of the best online payment solutions. There are numerous services which you can easily pay for on Remita platform such as: airtime/data, electricity bill, cable TV, Taxes, WAEC Epin, and whole lots of them.

What is RRR?

Remita Retrieval Reference (normally called RRR) is a unique 12-digit code assigned to every Remita transaction. RRR serves as a tracking/transaction ID for Remita transactions, i.e., It can be used to retrieve information about any remita transaction. This is a sample of RRR number: 1406-9023-0427.

Haven known a little about Remita and what services they can offer you, let’s get straight to the different ways you can regain your Remita Receipt.

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How to Retrieve Remita Receipt with RRR Number

Do you have your Remita RRR number?

Follow this guide to get your receipt sent to you via email

  1. Open on your browser
  2. scroll down and tap on “Resend Receipt or Invoice”
    Click Resend Receipt or Invoice
  3. On the new screen enter the RRR number and click on Resend
    Enter RRR Number and Click Send
  4. If you want it to be sent to another email, check “Resend to alternate email” then follow the prompts to get the receipt sent to the email you provided
  5. Open your email and look for the mail, you will be provided with the PDF file of the receipt or a link to get it. Just download the file to your device if the former is the case, then print it later
  6. If you are provided with a link to the receipt, open the link with your browser. I recommend you use Edge, Chrome or Opera. (Don’t use light weight browsers like Opera Mini or Phoenix as they might not render the receipt properly)
    Open link to the receipt in a browser
  7. When the receipt is properly loaded, click on “Print Receipt” and follow the prompts to print the Remita receipt.
    Follow these extra steps to download the PDF to your phone to print it later
  8. When the print preview appears, set the paper size, click on the download icon, choose location and save.
    Set paper size and click download to pdf

N.B.: the method above will only work if you have your Remita RRR number.

Continue reading to see other ways to get receipt without RRR number.

How to Retrieve Remita Receipt without RRR

There are several ways you can regain your lost Remita receipts without RRR number which will be discussed from here.

Method #1: How to Retrieve Remita Receipt with Email

Here is what you might not be aware of; when you make payment using Remita RRR number, the receipt or the link to get receipt of the payment will be sent to the email present on the remita invoice. This email is usually sent by Remita or sometimes by the bank used for the payment (If an email address is linked to the bank account).

Take the following steps to regain Remita receipt without RRR via email:

  1. Login to the email used for the payment
  2. Enter “Remita” on the search box and hit enter
  3. Carefully go through the search results to get the Remita email that relates to the transaction in question and open it
  4. Then follow the steps on the previous method from step 6 to download or print the receipt

Thats all on how to retrieve Remita receipt through your email. continue reading to see other ways to get Remita receipt without RRR.

N.B.: if you are not the owner of the email address used for the Remita transaction You can ask the owner to help you with this.

Method #2: How to Retrieve Remita Receipt with Bank Statement of Account

A bank statement of account is an official document given to a bank account holder by a financial institution which summarizes the transactions made on the account within a specified period of time.

Statement of account is sometimes sent monthly to the email address linked to a bank account (depending on the account preferences). It can also be given on request either from bank app or at a bank branch.

Follow these steps to get your Remita Receipt without RRR with the help of Bank statement of account:

  1. period the Remita payment was made
  2. Open the statement of account using an application that can read PDF files like Adobe Acrobat Reader, WPS Office or Microsoft Office
  3. Look for the Remita transaction. You can use the find feature of the app. Just enter “remita” and it will automatically highlight Remita transaction(s) for you.
  4. Now when you’ve seen the Remita transaction, carefully look at it, you will find the Remita RRR number (12 digits) attached to it. Copy the number or write it down somewhere.
    N.B.: You may find more than one 12-digit code demarcated with a stroke. e.g., 123457313564|674367436646. If that is the case, the second code is usually the RRR, but you can copy the two codes and test run on the later steps to know which is the RRR.
  5. Once you have gotten the RRR, follow the steps as in how to get Remita receipt with RRR number to successfully get the Remita receipt.

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Method #3: How to Retrieve Remita Receipt with Bank app transaction history

This method is a bit similar to the previous method, just that transaction history from bank app is used instead of statement of account.

Follow the steps below to get Remita receipt without RRR with the help of bank app account history:

  1. Login to bank app
  2. Go to transaction history
  3. Choose the range of date within which the Remita transaction was made
  4. Search for the transaction through the history and copy the RRR number when found
  5. Once you have gotten the RRR, follow the steps as in how to get Remita receipt with RRR number above to successfully get the receipt.

Bonus tips

To avoid losing your Remita receipt in future, here are the following things you should always do:

  • screenshot and upload the receipt/invoice and save to your phone
  • download the receipt to your phone immediately after you receive it
  • And most importantly, upload a copy of the receipt with the RRR number clearly visible to cloud storage like Google Drive,, etc.

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Wrapping Up

Hope we have covered the solution that works for you on how to get Remita receipt without RRR number. If none of the methods worked for you, it is now time to chat Remita customer support or your bank and provide them with the details they need for easy resolution.

Thanks for stopping by.