How to get PUK Number on MTN (2 Easiest Methods)

How to get PUK Number on MTN
How to get PUK Number on MTN

If you are reading this post, chances are you lost your SIM pack, and on a quest to retrieve your MTN PUK number, or you are helping someone to do so. Either way, you will learn the easiest methods on how to get PUK number on MTN without calling MTN customer service.

PUK stands for Personal Unblocking Key, which is a unique code used to unblock a SIM card that has been blocked due to entering the wrong PIN code multiple times. When a user enters an incorrect PIN code three times in a row, the SIM card gets blocked and requires a PUK code to unlock it.

PUK codes are usually provided by the mobile network operator, and they consist of eight digits. It is usually written on the SIM pack. If a user enters the wrong PUK code ten times in a row, the SIM card will be permanently blocked and can no longer be used.

It’s important to keep your PUK code in a safe place and not to share it with anyone, as it can be used to access your SIM card and make unauthorized calls or access your personal information.

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Continue reading to see the best ways to get MTN PUK code.

How to get PUK Number on MTN

The 2 best ways to get MTN PUK code are:

  • Online method (Requires the phone line to be active)
  • By using another MTN phone line (It does not matter if the phone line is blocked)

How to Get My MTN PUK Code Online

This method requires the MTN line in question to be active. This is because an OTP will be sent to the number along the line.

To get your MTN PUK code online, you need a phone with internet access, then access, which is the official MTN website where you can manage your account easily.

When the page opens, enter the MTN phone number you want to get it’s PUK number and click on “Proceed”.

Click on “Send OTP” on the next screen, then wait for the OTP to be sent on the line.

click on send OTP

Enter the OTP and click on “Proceed” and you will now be logged in to your myMTN dashboard.

Enter the OTP and click on proceed

Now, to get your MTN PUK code, click on the menu button at the top (three short lines) and tap “My Profile”

Click on menu Tap my profile

Then, under “SIM Details” tab, scroll down and find your PUK code

scroll down and find your PUK code under SIM card Details

That is all on how to get MTN PUK Code Online from MTN official website.

How to get Your MTN PUK Number from Another Phone

If your line is blocked already and requesting for PUK, this method will help you to swiftly retrieve PUK using another MTN phone line.

To retrieve MTN PUK number for a blocked SIM, you need to have another working MTN SIM, know the blocked phone line offhand or have it written somewhere and know some basic information about the blocked SIM card which serves as security questions.

The questions are :

  • 1 Mother’s maiden Name
  • 2 Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • 3 Frequently Dialed Number 1
  • 4 Frequently Dailed Number 2
  • 5 Last Recharge Amount.

If you have all these listed above, then proceed by dialing *123*7# on another MTN line and reply with 3 for “Get your PUK number”. You will be asked to enter the blocked phone. Then follow the prompts carefully, providing the answers to the security questions to successfully retrieve your PUK number.

How to get Your MTN PUK Number from Another Phone
How to get Your MTN PUK Number from Another Phone

I believe that one of the methods above worked you through on how to get MTN PUK code without calling customer service.

If none of the methods worked for you, then reaching to MTN office will be your next resort.

Bonus tips:

When you get the PUK Number, take a screenshot of it, and save it somewhere safe and easily accessible. I would suggest Google Drive. Or you can write down, but ensure that it can’t be disclosed to a third party without your consent.

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