How to Do Cardless Withdrawal on Opay POS (In 2 Quick Steps)

Are you an agent looking for how to do cardless withdrawal on Opay POS machine? Or do you simply want to make a withdrawal without a card and have only found Opay POS around you? You are in the right place because the solution is right before you.

Opay, with its vast network of over 350,000 merchants nationwide, offers a groundbreaking solution for cash withdrawals, bill payments, and various transactions. It ensures accessibility to financial services for everyone, including those with limited access to smartphones, the internet, or debit cards. This article is focused on how to do cardless withdrawal on Opay POS with the help of the cardless withdrawal feature.

How to Do Cardless Withdrawal on Opay POS
How to Do Cardless Withdrawal on Opay POS

What Is USSD Withdrawal on OPay?

USSD withdrawal is a secure and convenient way to access cash without using a physical debit card. Instead, users can initiate a withdrawal by dialing a specific USSD code on their mobile phones, making it a cardless transaction.

OPay’s USSD Withdrawal service is designed to address unforeseen situations where customers need to withdraw cash urgently, experience issues with their bank cards, or simply forget or misplace their debit cards. This innovative feature empowers both merchants and customers to perform transactions with ease.

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How to Do Cardless Withdrawal on Opay POS

To utilize the OPay USSD Withdrawal feature, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Generating Reference (to be done by the POS Agent)

  1. On your OPay POS terminal, select the “USSD Withdrawal” option.
  2. Input the withdrawal amount requested by the customer.
  3. Retrieve the reference code generated for the initiated transaction and share it with the customer.

Step 2: Making the Transfer (to be Completed by the customer)

  1. Dial the USSD short code for your preferred bank on your mobile phone.
  2. Input the reference code generated from the POS terminal.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

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Benefits of OPay USSD cardless withdrawal

  1. Simplicity: This service simplifies cash withdrawals, bill payments, and transactions, especially if you don’t have a smartphone, internet access, or a debit card.
  2. Help for Merchants: If you’re a merchant, this feature can assist your customers in urgent cash withdrawals or when they face card issues.
  3. Flexible Transactions: You have an alternative way to manage your finances, offering flexibility.
  4. No Internet Needed: You can use USSD codes for transactions without requiring an internet connection, making it accessible in areas with poor connectivity.
  5. Transaction Limits: Depending on your bank, you can transfer up to ₦200,000 daily, accommodating various financial needs.
  6. Wide Bank Coverage: You can make transfers to OPay POS using 17 Nigerian banks, ensuring accessibility across the country.
  7. Security: The service is secure, with PIN authentication, ensuring the safety of your transactions.

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What is the transaction limit for OPay USSD cardles withdrawal?

The transaction limit for OPay USSD cardless withdrawal in Nigeria is up to ₦200,000 per day depending on your bank.

Which bank does OPay USSD withdrawal support?

The OPay USSD withdrawal service supports transactions with 17 Nigerian banks. While the specific names of these banks are not mentioned, you can typically expect this service to work with most major banks in Nigeria.

Is opay USSD withdrawal secure?

Yes, OPay USSD withdrawal is secure, utilizing PIN authentication and encryption to protect user transactions and data. Additionally, it requires transactions to be made from mobile numbers registered with the user’s preferred bank, adding an extra layer of security.

Is there any charge for using OPay USSD withdrawal?

Aside from the POS charge, your bank will debit the normal charge for USSD transfers


USSD withdrawal on Opay POS offers a seamless and secure way to access your funds without the need for a physical debit card. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can make the most of this convenient service. Enjoy hassle-free transactions with Opay, and never worry about forgetting your debit card again!

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