How To Delete Sent Message On WhatsApp

how to delete sent message on WhatsApp
how to delete sent message on WhatsApp

You Can Now Delete Sent Messages On WhatsApp.
You might have sent a massage to someone on WhatsApp, and after a while you got grabbed by the thought “I should not have sent that”.

Finally the solution is here!

After months of development WhatsApp have started rolling out the Delete for Everyone feature, which allows you to recall messages after you’ve sent them. This applies to text messages, gifs, video, pictures etc. However this can be done within one hour (previously 7 mins) after the message was sent.

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How To Delete Sent Message on WhatsApp

  1. Simply highlight the message you wish you didn’t send,
  2. Select delete from the menu and 3. Select “Delete for Everyone“.
    Note: This feature is currently available to certain users and only on the latest version of WhatsApp, so head over to the Google play store and update your WhatsApp to enjoy this feature

WhatsApp said the feature will be useful if your message ‘contains a mistake’, but we all know the new feature will really have three functions:

  1. Damage control when you accidentally post a message to the group chat slagging someone off.
  2. The last line of defense when you accidentally send a message about last weekend’s illicit behavior to your mum or someone superior to you.
  3. Letting you backtrack from a risky message to someone you are flirting with.

The flaws is that the people you are messaging can still see the message before you delete it (WhatsApp can’t delete things from people’s brains, after all), and again even if you manage to recall a message before the other person returns to their phone, they will still be able to see This message was deleted. This can cause questions and mistrust between partners

WhatsApp will indicate Whether the protocol was successful or not.

Hopefully this new feature can help those that always make mistakes when typing or for any other reason in WhatsApp.

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