How to Check Borrowed Airtime Balance on MTN (3 Best Ways)

Borrowing airtime has become a popular service among mobile subscribers, allowing them to stay connected even when their balance is low. MTN, one of the leading mobile network operators, offers this feature to its users. You might have borrowed airtime on MTN and want to keep track of your balance. In this article, I will show you how to check borrowed airtime balance on MTN.

How to Check Borrowed Airtime Balance on MTN
How to check XtraTime balance on MTN

How to Check Borrowed Airtime Balance on MTN

To check your borrowed airtime balance on MTN, you have multiple options available. Here are three simple methods you can use:

Option 1: Dialing a USSD Code

MTN provides a USSD code that allows you to check your borrowed airtime balance quickly. Follow these steps:Open your phone’s dialer.

  1. Dial the USSD code: *303#.
  2. Press the call button.
  3. Select the option for “My Account”.
  4. Select “Account Balance”
  5. You will receive a message displaying your borrowed airtime balance and your main account balance.

Alternatively, you can dial *310# to check your XtraTime balance. The value assigned to “Airtime Bundle” is your borrowed airtime balance.

Make sure you have sufficient network coverage to complete the USSD code operation.

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Option 2: Using the MTN Mobile App

If you prefer a more convenient method, you can use the MTN Mobile App to check your borrowed airtime balance. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the myMTN Mobile App from your device’s app store.
  2. Launch the app and log in to your MTN account.
  3. Your account balance will be shown on the home page of the app
  4. Click “View details” to get more information about your account balance

Ensure that you have a stable internet connection to use the mobile app effectively.

Option 3: Using myMTN Website

You can also check your borrowed on myMTN website. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open or the one specific to your country
  2. Log in with your MTN phone and click proceed
  3. Enter the OTP that will be sent to you and click proceed
  4. Once you have successfully logged in, your account balance will be displayed on the homepage
  5. Then click “Other Bundle Balances” to see what is remaining of your Xtratime.
how to check xtratime balance on MTN

Tips for Managing Borrowed Airtime

While borrowing airtime can be useful in emergencies, it’s important to manage it wisely. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Use borrowed airtime only when necessary.
  • Keep track of your borrowed airtime balance regularly.
  • Pay back the borrowed amount as soon as possible to avoid your eligibility for new XtraTime being reduced.

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Checking your borrowed airtime balance on MTN is a straightforward process that can be done using USSD codes, the MTN Mobile App, myMTN website. With this comprehensive guide “How to Check Borrowed Airtime Balance on MTN”, you can effectively manage your usage and avoid unexpected interruptions. Remember to use the borrowed airtime responsibly and pay it back promptly to maintain a good relationship with your service provider.


1. Can I check my borrowed airtime balance on MTN using the website?

No, currently, MTN does not provide a website-based method to check your borrowed airtime balance. You can use USSD codes, the MTN Mobile App, or text messages for this purpose.

2. What should I do if I have borrowed airtime but cannot check the balance?

If you encounter difficulties checking your borrowed airtime balance, ensure you have followed the correct steps for the chosen method. If the issue persists, contact MTN customer support for assistance.

3. Can I check the borrowed airtime balance on MTN for someone else?

Generally, the methods mentioned in this article are designed for individuals to check their own borrowed airtime balance. It’s recommended to use the account owner’s device or seek permission before accessing someone else’s account details.

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