How to Block GTBank ATM Card (4 Quick Ways + Code & Online)

If you are searching for: ‘How to block my GTBank ATM card?’ you might have lost your GTB ATM card or your card has been compromised. It’s essential to take swift action to ensure the safety of your funds and personal information. In this article, I will show you how to block GTBank ATM card quickly using USSD code, by SMS or via online.

How to Block GTBank ATM Card with Code, SMS and Online
How to Deactivate GTBank ATM card

How to Block GTBank ATM Card

If you find yourself in a situation where your GTBank ATM card is lost or stolen, it’s essential to take immediate action to prevent unauthorized access to your bank account. Use these methods below to block your card:

  1. USSD Code
  2. Use SMS
  3. Send request by Email to GTAssistant
  4. Make use of GTB internet banking

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How to Block GTB ATM Card with USSD Code

How to Block GTB ATM Card with USSD Code

To block your GTBank ATM card with USSD code:

  1. Dial *737*51*10# on your registered phone number
  2. Enter your GTBank account number on the next screen and send
  3. Enter your 737 pin and send
  4. Your GTBank ATM card will be successfully blocked

If you don’t have access to your registered phone number, you can alternatively dial *737*51*74# from another phone line. You will be asked to enter your registered phone number and 737 pin, and all debit transactions, including ATM card debits, will be blocked on your GTBank account. You Will need to go to the bank in order to unblock your account and get a new ATM card.

How to Block GTBank ATM Card with SMS

Another simple and quick way to block your GTB ATM card when lost, stolen, or compromised is to send an SMS using your linked phone number to a designated GTBank phone line, and they will take it up from there.

To block your GTBank ATM card with SMS:

  1. Open the messaging app on your phone
  2. Type “HOTLIST ‘Account Number‘” without the quotes. E.g., HOTLIST 026558XXXX
  3. Send the message using your linked phone number to 08076665555 (SMS charges might be applied)

After sending the SMS, your GTBank account will be restricted from debits, which in turn blocks ATM card transactions. You can now go to GTBank branch at your convenient time to unblock your account and get a new card.

The two methods for blocking GTBank ATM card discussed above are all offline methods, and therefore, they do not require internet connectivity. The online method might be more convenient for you. Follow the guide in the next section to block your ATM card online.

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How to Block GTBank ATM Card Online

To block your GTBank ATM card online, you can make usen of:

  1. GTAssistant Email Request
  2. GTBank Internet Banking Portal

How to Block GTBank ATM Card Online with GTAssistant Email Request

GTAssistant Email request is an automated support system that is designed to provide GTBank customers with helpful information, assistance, or responses to the customer’s query or request.

To block your ATM card online using the GTAssistant Email request, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the email account linked to your GTBank account and click ‘Compose,’ or similar button, to write a new email
  2. Enter ‘HOTLIST MY CARD’ as the subject
  3. Copy and paste the template below without the quotes in the body of the email:
    “Dear GTBank,
    Kindly hotlist card for account number XXXXXXXXXX
  4. Replace ‘XXXXXXXXXX’ with your 10-digit account number
  5. Send the email to [email protected]
  6. Your card will be blocked afterward

How to Block GTBank ATM Card Online Via GTBank Internet Banking

Another method to block your GTBank card online is through the GTB internet banking portal. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open via a browser such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Opera.
  2. Once there, select the ‘Login to Account’ option. If you haven’t yet registered for Internet banking, simply click on ‘signup’ and follow the provided instructions for registration.
    How to Block GTBank ATM Card Online Via GTBank Internet Banking
  3. Click ‘Click here to login’
    Select Click here to login
  4. Input your UserID, Account Number, Phone Number or Email; use the keypad to input your password and click on login.
  5. Click ‘Proceed to internet banking’ on the next screen
    Click proceed to internet banking
  6. Tap on ‘Show navigation’ to display the menu
    Click Show Navigation
  7. Click Cards from the menu, then choose ‘Card Hotlist’ from the submenu
  8. Select the card that you want to block on the next screen, and select the reason for requesting a block.
  9. Answer your security question and click ‘continue’ to block the card.

Block GTBank ATM Card by Contacting Costumer Support

Aside from using the methods discussed in the previous sections, you can also contact GT connect on 08029002900, 08039003900, or 01-4480000. Make your complaint to them, provide the necessary information on request, and your GT Bank card will be blocked. Remember not to give out sensitive information like PIN to anyone – GT customer support will not request such.

Preventive Measures for the Future

To avoid the hassle of deactivating your card, consider these preventive measures:

  • Keep Your Card Safe: Always keep your ATM card in a secure place.
  • Monitor Your Account: Regularly check your account for any unauthorized transactions.
  • Use Secure Channels: When using ATMs or making online transactions, ensure you’re in a safe and secure environment.


Knowing how to block GTBank ATM card is a crucial step to protect your finances in case of loss, theft, or security concerns. By using USSD code, SMS, GTB internet banking portal, GTAssistant email request, or even contacting GT Connect directly, you can ensure the safety of your funds and have peace of mind. Choose any convenient method from this article where card blocking is necessary, and act promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I block my GTBank ATM card online?

A: Yes, you can block your card online via the GTBank Internet banking platform or GTAssistant Request by email. Use any of the methods to quickly deactivate your GTBank card online.

Q2: Will I be held responsible for transactions made after I’ve reported my card as lost or stolen?

A: Once you’ve reported your card as lost or stolen, you are generally not held responsible for any subsequent unauthorized transactions.

Q3: How long does it take to block my card?

A: The card blocking process is usually quick. However, it’s essential to remain vigilant during this time.

Q4: How to unblock my GTBank ATM Card?

A: Once your card is blocked, you cannot unblock it later. You will have to request a new card, if you see the need for one.

Q5: Is there a fee for blocking my card?

A: Generally, GTBank does not charge any fee to block your card. However, regular SMS charges are applied if you use the SMS method. Charges might also apply to the USSD method.

Q6: How can I block my GTB ATM card without blocking my account?

A: To block your GTB ATM card without blocking your account, dial *737*51*10# on your linked phone number, then follow the prompts and your card will be blocked without blocking your account. Alternatively, using GTB internet banking, and GTAssistant email request methods, respectively, can serve the same purpose.