GTWorld VS GTBank App – Which is better?

Digital banking is becoming more and more popular and essential for consumers in the modern world. As mobile banking becomes more popular, banks are constantly releasing new tools and apps to make financial transactions more convenient. One of the top banks in Nigeria, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), has two of these tools: GTWorld and GTBank App.

GTWorld vs GTBank App, Which app is superior, even though they both provide comparable services? To assist you in selecting the right app for your banking needs, we will compare both using their features in this blog article.

GTWorld vs GTBank App

GTWorld VS GTBank App

Let’s now take a look at the overview of the two apps, clearly highlighting their features.


The GTWorld app is a more comprehensive and feature-rich application provided by Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) to give consumers a seamless banking experience. The app provides a variety of services to users and is accessible on both the Android and iOS operating systems. Customers can access customer support, manage their ATM cards, pay bills, transfer money, and more via GTWorld. The software includes an intuitive user interface design. Customers can conduct financial operations with GTWorld while relaxing in their homes, businesses, or other locations.

Some Features of GTWorld App

  • Account management: Customers can access their account balances, statements, transaction histories, and other account information.
  • Funds transfer: customers can transfer money to other GTBank accounts or accounts at other Nigerian banks. The app also supports instant transfers.
  • Bill Payments: GTWorld enables customers to pay bills, including airtime, data, electricity, cable TV, Remita and other utility bills. It also supports QR payments.
  • ATM Card Management: Customers can manage their ATM cards from the app, including blocking or unblocking their cards, Dollar card request, card replacement and pin retrieval.
  • Cashout: this feature helps you to withdraw money from your account without ATM
  • Customer Service: The app offers access to 24/7 customer service through email and phone call.

Other features of GTWorld include customer feedback, BVN display, account Switch Off / ON, ability to hide account balance, loan application, etc.

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GTBank App

The GTBank Mobile App, on the other hand, is a more simplified version of the GT World app that is made to offer users basic banking services like money transfers, bill payments, airtime purchases, and balance inquiries. Therefore, there are some features found in GTWorld app that are not available on GTBank mobile app. Customers who want to complete typical banking tasks fast and easily have a convenient choice with this GTBank Mobile App.

Difference Between GTWorld and GTbank App

Here is a table comparing the two app with respect to their key features:

FeaturesGTWorldGTBank Mobile App
Biometric loginYESYES
Card blockingYesYes
Account managementYesYes
Atm card managementYesYes
Funds transferYesYes
Cashout (737 cash and Paycode)YesYes
Hide account balanceYesNo
BVN displayYesNo
QR paymentsYesNo
Switch account off / onYesNo
Account upgradeYesNo
In-app customer feedbackYesNo


It is recommended you install and make use of GTWorld application, not just because it has more features, but for the fact that GTBank mobile app is on the verge of discontinuation. But, it is still available in the App stores as at the time of writing this article.
So, it is better to start using the GTWorld app in order to learn and get familiar with it before GTBank mobile app is finally discontinued.

GTWorld vs GTBank-App (GTBank app will be discontinued soon).jpg
GTBank mobile app will be discontinued soon


I believe this article on GTWorld VS GTBank App has provided you with valuable information that will aid you to make an informed decision on which mobile banking app to use for your banking needs.