How to Get Microsoft Edge Extension for Chrome (2 Best Ways)

How to Get Microsoft Edge Extension for Chrome

Using Extensions on browsers is something you cannot really do without, especially if you are someone that basically doesn’t use browser as it comes, but would rather prefer to add extra customizations, functionalities and tweaks to the browser.
In this quest, you might have come across a browser extension only available on Microsoft edge extension store but would love to add it to Chrome browser. In this article, you will learn how to install Microsoft Edge Extension for Chrome.

Can you use Edge Extensions in Chrome?

Yes, you can possibly use Edge browser extension in Chrome conveniently.

Most browser extensions today are being built WebExtensions API. WebExtension APIs ensure a user-controlled, web-focused extension development platform which is used to enhance the features of browsers.

WebExtension APIs is designed to provide cross-browser compatibility with Chromium-based browsers e.g., Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera.

How to Install Microsoft Edge extension for Chrome

In these two methods that will be discussed, you will learn how to easily install Edge browser extension on Google Chrome.

Method #1: Download and install the extension on Chrome

Out of the two methods to Install Microsoft Edge extension for Chrome, this is by far the easiest method.

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Follow the steps below to add Microsoft Edge extension on google Chrome with the help of Kiwi browser

Step #1: Download Edge Extension

  1. Download and install Kiwi Browser from Play Store if you don’t have it yet
  2. Open Kiwi browser and go to Microsoft Edge Extension Store
  3. Search and open the extension page you want to install on Chrome
  4. Tap and hold on “Get“, then click “Download Link” (the extension will prompt to be downloaded)
    How to install Microsoft Edge Extension for ChromeClick download link

Step #2: Install the downloaded Extension on Google Chrome

  1. Copy the extension file you downloaded to your PC and Extract it using WinRAR or any other app that can extract archival files
  2. Open chrome browser on your PC and go to settings
  3. Click “Extensions” from the menu on the left and turn on “Developer Mode” (Three buttons appear, Load unpacked, pack extension and update)
  4. Click “Load unpacked“, then locate and select the folder where you extracted the extension files on step 1 and click “Select Folder
    The extension will now be added to Google chrome and turned on automatically, manually turn it on if it doesn’t.

Kudos! You have just added an extension which is only present on Microsoft Edge Extension Store to Google Chrome. You can use this method to install other extensions as well.

Method #2: Copy Extension from Edge and Install on Chrome

In this method, you will have to copy the Edge Extension from Edge browser profile path, then install it on Chrome browser.

Where are Edge extensions stored?

Wondering where are Edge extensions stored? Edge Extensions are stored in the Edge profile path on your PC file explore. You can enter “edge://version” on Edge address bar and press enter button to get Edge profile path for Edge browser. For further instructions to successfully locate where Edge extensions are stored on your PC, follow the steps below from #3.

Step #1: Locate and copy the Extension from Edge profile path

To locate Edge Extensions on your PC, follow the steps below

  1. Install the extension on Edge Browser first from Microsoft Edge Extension Store
  2. take note of the extension ID
    To get the Edge extension ID:
    1. open Edge Menu and Click Extensions
    2. locate the extension you want to add to Google Chrome and lick on “Details
      where to locate edge extension on pc-click-details
    3. On the next screen, scroll down nearly at the bottom, you will see the Extension ID, take note of it (ensure you turn on Developer mode if you don’t see the ID)
      Take note of the Edge Extension ID
      Alternatively, you can get the extension id from your address bar when you have opened the extension details
      Get the extension ID from Edge address bar
  3. Enter “edge://version” on your address bar and hit Enter button, to get profile path where the extension is located on your PC file Explorer
    copy the profile path to Edge browser
  4. Copy the profile path to Edge browser as highlighted on the screenshot above, open File Explorer, paste it on the file path/address bar and press enter button (you will be taken to the profile folder of Edge browser)
  5. Open “Extensions” folder
  6. Copy the Extension folder you want to install on Chrome to an easily accessible location, say Desktop.
    The folder name will look like this “pfedjfdibfbgojbahfephiglcmoeodmi” but might not be the same character.
    Use the ID you noted to know the extension you want to copy

Step #2: Install the Edge extension copied on Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome, click on menu (three dots at the top right corner), click “Settings” and tap “Extensions”
  2. Turn on “Developer Mode
  3. Click on “Load unpacked
  4. Locate and select the extension folder you copied at step 6 above (The Extension will now be automatically installed and activated)
    How to install Microsoft Edge Extension on Chrome.

You have just added Edge Extension to Chrome browser by copying and installing.

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With this guide you can easily get Microsoft Edge Extension for Chrome. This will also work for other chromium-based browsers like Opera, Firefox, Brave, etc.