How to Enjoy Cheap Data with MTN Welcome Back offer (Unlimitedly in 2 Steps)

In this post, you will learn how to Enjoy unlimited cheap data With MTN Welcome Back Offer.

MTN Group Limited, is a south African multinational mobile telecommunication company, operating in many African and Asian countries. MTN is ranked the 8th largest mobile operator in world and the largest in Africa.

Enough of the story lets go straight to the point

What is MTN Welcome Back Offer?

Welcome back offer rewards MTN users who haven’t done any transactions on their line for at least 60days.

The offer will be automatically activated on the line once the conditions mentioned above are met.

Benefits of MTN Welcome Back Offer?

Once you are eligible, below are the benefits that follow:

  • When you recharge your line between N50 to N1500 using the code *161*pin# you will get back the recharge value 12 times with added data bonus.
  • When you buy data using *131*65# *312*65#, you will get:
    • 250mb at ₦100 for three days
    • 1gb at ₦200 for 1 week
    • 4gb at ₦1000 for 1 month
    • 2gb at ₦500 for 2 weeks
List of MTN welcome back Offer data plans

The data aspect of this opportunity is what I enjoy the most. I believe that needs no emphasis owing to our daily need for data.

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How to Enjoy Unlimited Cheap Data with MTN Welcome Back offer

It will interest you to know that once this offer is activated on your SIM and you start to make use of it, it will last for a period of three (3) months, after which it will be deactivated.

Read on to see the trick on how to extend this offer for as long as you want.


To be able to fully leverage this trick, that will be shared here:

  • You have to get at least 2 MTN SIMs that you will not be using for regular calls or any chargeable transaction.
  • Two leave one of the SIM for 60 days for the plan to be activated on it.

60 days is not much time to wait if your SIM isn’t eligible for a start, the fact that this offer has been on for years now. With the look of things, MTN are not ending it anytime soon.

Your line could be eligible without your notice, you wouldn’t know unless you check.

Follow the steps below to get the rest of the hack

Step #1 Check for MTN welcome back offer eligibility

To check if you are eligible, dial the new code for MTN welcome back data *312*65# (Not *131*65# anymore) then follow the prompts to try and subscribe for any of the data bundle listed.

If you are eligible, you will get a message saying that you don’t have sufficient balance to activate the plan or that the plan was activated successfully.

You will get this feedback if you are eligible
You will get this feedback if eligible

If you are not eligible, you will get a message saying that you are not eligible.

You will get this feedback if you are not eligible
You will get this feedback if you are not eligible

Once you are eligible, you can go ahead and subscribe to any plan listed on the data offers.

Step #2 Keep the Remaining Sim(s)

Once you have started using the Phone line MTN Welcome Back Offer is activated on, keep the rest of the MTN SIMs and don’t use them for any transaction that will incur charge.

Then, before the current SIM in usage will be ineligible, the welcome back offer must have been activated on the SIM in awaiting state.

Now you have to maintain this process in a loop to keep on enjoying cheaper and free data on MTN

Congrats, you have learned the trick.

Refer to the infographics below for better understanding of the process.

How to Enjoy Unlimited Cheap Data on mtn
Infographic on how MTN welcome back offer works

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Important Things to note about MTN Welcome Back Offer

MTN welcome back Offer codes

  1. Dial *131*65# for data offer
  2. Use *161*pin# to recharge your line to get 12 times your recharge amount with added data bonus when you recharge between ₦50 – ₦1500
  3. To check your data balance, dial *323# and select option “Access data balance”

How long does MTN welcome back offer last?

It takes 90 days (three months) before your SIM card will be ineligible for MTN welcome offer after it has been activated.

How long does it take to be eligible for MTN welcome back offer?

It takes 60 days of inactivity on a sim to get it eligible, and once the sim is in use, it takes three months for the offer to be deactivated.


Hope you have gotten all you need to know about MTN welcome back offer. If you have any challenge on this, share it with us via the comment section.

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