How to Copy Any Text on Android with fooView APK

Here is yet another trick that will help you a lot. In this post, you will learn how to copy any text on android screen using fooView APK.

How to Copy Any Text on Android with fooView APK
How to Copy Any Text on Android with fooView APK

You might have stumbled upon a writeup or any text at all in an app or elsewhere inside your phone and wish you could just highlight and copy the text to your phone’s clipboard. Unfortunately, some apps do not give room to highlight and copy text inside them, but there is a perfect way to work it out on your android phone, which I’m about to show you using a free APK app on the Play Store called fooView.

Basically, on devices like android for instance, you can copy text on the screen by pressing and holding on the text(s), then click on copy or cut.

What is fooView APK?

fooView is an application developed by fooView Inc. that is aimed at enhancing the capabilities of your android phone. There are bunch of features you can access through the floating icon displayed by fooView. These features include; taking screenshots (scroll shots, area cut, and full-screen shots), screen recording, voice typing etc.

picture of fooView APK on Playstore
fooView APK

With regards to this post, we are going to learn how to utilize the screenshot feature, which has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) embedded in it. Optical character recognition helps to extract the texts contained in screenshot made with fooView APK and presents the environment to edit and copy the texts (to phone’s clipboard).

Read on to know how to leverage this feature to copy any text displayed on your android screen.

How to Copy Any Text on Android Screen Using fooView APK

  1. Install fooView APK from here on Google Play Store (some phones have the app preinstalled).
  2. When the app is done installing open it and grant it the necessary permissions it needs in order to work properly.
  3. Pull down your quick access tiles to see if fooView icon appears there, if it didn’t, click on edit icon and add the fooView icon.
    fooview apk icon setup
  4. Once you have granted the app permissions, fooView floating icon will appear by the side of your phone screen. Drag this icon and use it to select the area on your screen that contains the text you want to extract/copy.
  5. Upon selection the app will prompt you to “Enable Accessibility” (if not already set), follow the prompt and do so
    Enable fooView APK accessibilty feature
  6. Then use the floating icon again to select the area that contains the text you want to copy. This time the app will capture a shot of the screen selected and then generate the texts that it detected in the picture
    Picture of screenshot and texts generate by fooView apk
  7. Click on the copy icon to copy the text. You can also edit the text before you copy or select part of the text and copy.

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You can use this method above to take screenshots, you just have to click the save icon after you must have selected the area to be captured. However, you have to install an extra app, FV File Explorer, before you could be able to save your screenshots.


There are whole lot of things you can do with fooView APK, but the one I found most useful is its character recognition feature which you can use to copy any text on android screen.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Let us know what you think through the comment section.