Best MTN 4G LTE MiFi Settings for Optimal Usage

The MTN 4G LTE MiFi offers a convenient solution for accessing high-speed internet on the go. In this article, I will guide you through the MTN 4G LTE MiFi settings and configurations, ensuring you have the best router setup and enjoy a seamless browsing experience afterward.

Best MTN 4G LTE MiFi Settings
Best MTN 4G LTE MiFi Settings

What is an MTN 4G LTE MiFi?

A MiFi, short for “Mobile Wi-Fi,” is a portable device that allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot using a cellular data connection. The MTN 4G LTE MiFi is specifically designed to work with MTN’s 4G LTE network, providing fast and reliable internet access wherever you are.

Setting up your MTN 4G LTE MiFi for First Use

Step 1: Unboxing and assembling the device

Begin by unboxing your MTN 4G LTE MiFi and gathering all the necessary components. The package should include the MiFi device, a battery, a USB cable, and an instruction manual. Assemble the device according to the instructions provided.

Step 2: Inserting the SIM card and battery

Locate the SIM card slot on your MTN 4G LTE MiFi and insert the SIM card provided by MTN. Ensure that the SIM card is properly inserted and secured. Next, insert the battery into the designated slot on the MiFi device.

Step 3: Powering on the MiFi

Press and hold the power button on the MiFi device until it powers on. Once the device is powered on, it will automatically connect to the MTN 4G LTE network.

Step 4: Connecting to the MiFi

On your smartphone, tablet, or computer, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings menu and search for available Wi-Fi networks. Locate the network name (SSID) of your MTN 4G LTE MiFi and select it. Enter the default password provided with the device to establish a connection.

If you are using a PC, you can create a wired connection as well. Use a USB cable to connect the MiFi device with your PC, a wired connection will be automatically created.

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MTN 4G LTE MiFi Settings/Configurations

Let’s now explore various MTN 4G LTE MiFi router setups that you can implement to get the best out of your MiFi device.

1. Accessing the MiFi settings

To access the settings of your MTN 4G LTE MiFi, open a web browser and enter: or (if you are using phone). Enter the default admin password to login, it can be found at the back of your MiFi device. After you have successfully logged in, you will be redirected to the MiFi’s web interface, where you can make various configurations.

2. Changing the admin default password

The first thing I recommend you change is the admin default password for security reasons. Follow these steps to change MiFi admin password:

  1. Click “Advanced Settings” tab from the homepage.
  2. Click on “Device Settings” on the left menu
  3. Ensure that you are in “Account Management”
    how to change mifi admin password MTN
  4. Enter the current password, which is the default.
  5. Enter a strong password in the “New Password” field and confirm it
  6. Click on apply and your admin login password will be changed

It is recommended to use a strong password and make sure you can remember the password, or use password manager to store the password and be free from stress.

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3. Configuring the Wi-Fi settings

Still on the Advanced Settings, select “Wi-Fi Settings” from the menu on the left. Here, you can customize your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password. It is advisable to choose a strong WLAN password and select the appropriate security protocol (WPA2-PSK recommended) to ensure a secure wireless connection. Select the “max station number” which determines the number of devices that can connect to your MiFi router.

 Configuring MTN Wi-Fi settings

Remember to click the apply button to save your changes.

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4. Data limit settings

Data limit settings allow you to control and manage your internet usage effectively. With these settings, you can set restrictions on your data consumption, ensuring that you stay within your allocated data limits.

MTN MiFi data limit settings

Follow the steps below to set data limit for your MTN MiFi:

  1. Switch to advanced settings tab
  2. Select “Information” from the menu
  3. Select the option “Data limit settings”
  4. Tick the enable option
  5. Select limiting by date or time
  6. Enter your desired date or data, based on the option you selected in step 5
  7. Set the “Remind Me” percentage so that you will get notified
  8. Click “Apply” to save your changes

5. Power Saving Settings

Power saving settings enable you to optimize the battery life of your device. By configuring these settings, you can extend the usage time of your device by reducing power consumption, ensuring that you have sufficient battery power when you need it most.

Wi-Fi range and Sleep Settings

Wi-Fi range settings allow you to extend or limit the coverage of your wireless network. By adjusting these settings, you can enhance or reduce the range and signal strength of your Wi-Fi, to suit your need and conserve your MiFi battery usage.

Wi-Fi sleep settings on the other hand enable you to manage the connectivity of your device during periods of inactivity. By configuring these settings, you can choose whether to keep the Wi-Fi connection active or disable it when your device is idle, helping to conserve battery life and optimize network resources.

Wi-Fi range and Sleep Settings

Follow these steps to configure your MiFi range and Sleep Settings:

  1. Switch to “Advanced Settings” tab
  2. Select “Device Settings” from the menu
  3. Choose “Power Save” from the submenu
  4. Choose the Wi-Fi range (Short, Medium, or long)
  5. Select the sleep time when inactive
  6. Click the apply button to save your changes

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Troubleshooting common issues with MTN 4G LTE MiFi

Issue 1: Unable to connect to the MiFi

If you encounter difficulties connecting to your MTN 4G LTE MiFi, ensure that the device is powered on and the Wi-Fi signal is strong. Try restarting your MiFi and the device you are connecting from. If the issue persists, contact MTN customer support for further assistance.

Issue 2: Slow internet speed

Slow internet speed can be caused by various factors. Check if you are in an area with good network coverage. Additionally, ensure that you are within the Wi-Fi range of the MiFi device. If the issue persists, contact MTN customer support to investigate and resolve the speed-related problems.

Issue 3: Limited Wi-Fi range

If you experience limited Wi-Fi range with your MTN 4G LTE MiFi, ensure that you select the best Wi-Fi range. If the issue continues, try relocating the device to a more central location in your home or office. Avoid placing the MiFi near obstructions such as walls or large objects that may interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. If the issue persists, consider using Wi-Fi extenders or mesh systems to extend the range.


Properly setting up and configuring your MTN 4G LTE MiFi ensures you have a reliable and secure internet connection wherever you go. By following the steps outlined in this article, you are sure of having the best MTN 4G LTE MiFi settings and configurations to keep your device up and running. You can also customize the settings according to your preferences, and troubleshoot common issues that may arise.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I use my MTN 4G LTE MiFi with other network providers?

No, the MTN 4G LTE MiFi is specifically designed to work with MTN’s network.

2. How to reset MTN MiFi password?

To reset MTN MiFi password:

  1. Log in to your MiFi admin dashboard
  2. Switch to the “advanced settings” tab
  3. Select Device settings and click “Reset”
  4. Click the reset button by the left
  5. Click yes to confirm the reset

Note that the reset will restore the device to factory defaults, including your admin password and Wi-Fi password. Then the device will be restarted afterward.

3. Is it possible to connect multiple devices to the MiFi simultaneously?

Yes, the MTN 4G LTE MiFi allows multiple devices to connect to it simultaneously (up to 8or 10 devices), providing internet access to all connected devices.

4. How to limit the number of users on my WiFi router?

To limit the number of users on your Wi-Fi,

  1. Log in to your MiFi admin dashboard
  2. Open the advanced settings
  3. Select Wi-Fi settings and ensure you are on basic settings section
  4. Choose the max station number
  5. Click on “Apply” to effect your changes

5. How do I block someone on my MiFi?

To block someone on your MiFi, follow these steps:

  1. Login in to your MiFi admin dashboard
  2. Open advanced settings
  3. Click “Device information” from the menu on the left
  4. Click the Block button beside the device you want to block, the device will be blocked, and moved to blacklist.

6. What is the maximum range of the MTN 4G LTE MiFi?

The Wi-Fi range of the MTN 4G LTE MiFi typically reaches up to 30 meters, depending on environmental factors.

7. Can I use my MiFi while charging it?

Yes, you can use your MTN 4G LTE MiFi while it is charging, ensuring continuous internet connectivity.

8. How to change MTN MiFi admin password?

To change your admin login password for the MTN 4G LTE MiFi, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the homepage and click on the “Advanced Settings” tab.
  2. From the left menu, select “Device Settings.”
  3. Make sure you are in the “Account Management” section.
  4. Enter the default or current password.
  5. In the “New Password” field, input a strong password of your choice and confirm it.
  6. Click on the “Apply” button to save the changes.

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